Better Late Than Nevah

Three months overdue, but that’s no problem! Anita M. says, “I know ‘Tocktober is long past, but it took me all this time to snap a picture of the finest feathery ‘Tocks in this quadrant (or any other accessible by wormholes) of the galaxy. This is my Parrotlet, Mr. Robespierre C. (for Cheepysaurus) Tickletoes, engaged in his favourite game:

1. Remove object from basket.
2. Fling it on the floor as far as you can.
3. Watch personal assistant pick it up & put it back.
4. Repeat while snickering behind wing.

I’ve been a fan since page 1. Now there are 2053 pages of cute to brighten my days. Thanks.”



  1. This is a great name! Mr. Robespierre Cheepysaurus Tickletoes!! I like the nod to birds and dinosaurs having common ancestry and who doesn’t like a French human rights activist? Nice!

  2. It was worth the wait, Anita M.! Those are some prime tocks right there.

  3. grytlappar says:

    A rare tock sighting too—that variety of bird tock you only ever see with ducks diving! Such a pretty blue.

  4. Nice tocks, but . . . we need VIDEO! Of the removing/flinging/watching thing–and ESPECIALLY the snickering!

  5. gangewifre says:

    I second the need for video!! Pretty please! And tell me Mr. Tickletoes has an Instagram or something!?

  6. I am glad we didn’t have to wait until next Tocktober to see this picture! Fabulous feathery ‘tocks!

  7. Let me guess. Expression on M. Tickletoes face during 3. – What in the world is that thing doing on the floor? How did it get there?

  8. Great post Anita M. Thanks for sharing this cutie pie!