THE Look

If you own a puppeh, you’ve seen this Look before. Or some type of combination. IE: It could mean A.) Feed me. B.) Pet me. C.) Let me out. D.) All the above.

Rilo The Frenchie getting comfy in her strawberry jam-mies (see what I did there 😏)” says Callie B.



  1. Maybe Rilo disapproves of the jammies, even though he looks stinkin’ adorable in them! 😀

  2. I think its c) let me out of these jammers!

  3. Seems like a “somebody’s gonna pay” look to me.
    I’d be putting my favourite shoes up really high.

  4. that is a PAYBACK look if’n I ever saw one. Rilo is cute as a button, though.

  5. grytlappar says:

    Missing an “Impending doom” tag, if I ever saw one… *shakes in boots*

  6. Hugs tiem!!