Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut…, er, Nut-Nut here. His hoomin explains: “This is Nut-Nut. He’s had the grand privilege of being on C.O. a couple of times. He thought, perhaps this time you might enjoy seeing him from a different, but no less flattering angle. He would also appreciate any admiration you might want to express for his gleaming toofers and the way his eyes color-coordinate with his blanket *slow-blink* *slow-blink*. As his human/mommy, I can’t take enough pics of this big, fluffy, cuddly, and not-so-smart baby boy. And, he loves to rub noses. Who can resist that?! ~ Donna B.”



  1. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    Fang protrusion is unbelievably cute….

  2. Geez, if only he had a human/mommy who admired him a little . . . .

  3. Gorgeous boy, with a mom who appreciates his finest qualities.

  4. Donna B., I certainly could not resist Nut-Nut. And he is cuddly too? and loves to rub noses?? Maybe I need to get me a boy who won’t ignore me like my haughty Princess. 🙂

  5. grytlappar says:


    Both my cats—neither of them who likes to be picked up the regular way—have liked it when I pick them up and hold them upside down, i.e. vertically), and then carry them around so they can look at what stuff looks like upside down. 🙂

  6. Clairdelune, he’s a total cuddle bug. The more I snuggle, the happier he is and the older he purs. He’s not very smart, but he’s definitely a lover. He’s a big cat, all fluff and fat. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!