I Pawsitively DARE You—

NOT to yawn after watching this. DARE ya.



  1. Nancy Lindsay says:


  2. Adorbs!

  3. Calico Angel says:

    Oh the tiny yawns and the bun stretches…. so cute and now my… head… is… on… my… desk…..ZZzzzzzz……….

  4. I love watching buns yaawwwn and streeetch. My Pepper does this a lot.

  5. That last bun ploppin ova was awesome. My chinnies do that! So cute.

  6. I’m gonna watch this again tonight before bedtime. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Plus think of the dreams I might get! I

  7. LunaChickFringe says:

    Can’t lie. I yawned right in the middle of the video.

  8. I didn’t even make it past reading the caption. Even reading the word does me in.

  9. I have a question for bun parents out there. Do bunny yawns mean anything? When rats yawn, it’s often a form of greeting. My little ratties all rush to meet me, stretching and yawning at me, when come home. I’ve heard that dogs sometimes yawn as a sign of stress. And now I’m curious about bunnies! Any feedback?

  10. Omg, the little lionhead on his tippiy-toes @ :20!!! I died.
    Kristin, mine stretches and yawns like this after a long bout of napping. When he greets me he runs over and circles my feet.

  11. oh my. the gullet views were quite unexpected!

  12. @Kristin, Usually when my bunnehs have yawned and stretched, it’s after laying about or getting ready to rest. However, they have done it after I’ve wanted their attention and they do it, as they turn their backs to me and seem to say, “I’m ignoring you.”