♬ Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now…PAN-AMA! ♬

[Note: *Obvious required =VH= headline reference. -Ed.]

Boy, do we have a bunch of Big Furry White Smoosh here or what? Alyssa J. says “I have submitted my friend Kit Lau’s dogs before, but she just added a third Great Pyrenees to her family, and he is too cute! Meet Panama! (Above.) Panama is the third amigo in the 3 PanPans, which also includes (below) Panda (right) and Pandora Pyrenees (left.)”




  1. Panama sez: As a puppeh, I only need to go through the light cycle.

  2. grytlappar says:

    Oh man, Great Pyrenées are The Qte. Big too.

  3. januaryfarmer says:

    That’s a lotta dog.

  4. Oh those big kissable muzzles!! We occasionally have a Pyrenees visitor at work (there’s been a picture on here of me napping on him) and I can’t get enough of his muzzlesnoot!!

  5. PROSH! I need my sunglasses because of the blinding white! LOVE!

  6. Puppeh Wash .. You’re doing it wrong .. He’s too big for the top rack.