Prosh Little Pink Hoofster

He/She is doing his/her part to make your Rats, It’s Monday just a little more tolerable.

Here's A Happy Pig - Imgur


  1. Prosh is the word. This little one is the cutest, most clean, most adorable babe there is.

  2. mamallamadingdong says:

    My head just esploded. Is there pink lipstick on that piggie’s nose?

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Does this little piggie have an Instaham account?

  4. I must now give up pork! forever…

  5. That’ll do, pig.
    @Diedre….I haven’t been able to eat pork since I saw BABE!

  6. @ Oakley – snort!

  7. Mary – d, I know what you mean about pork.

  8. Adorable bebeh.

    After Babe came out, an enterprising publisher put together a cookbook of vegetarian recipes, on the premise that the Hoggetts went meat-free after raising such a sweet piggie. It’s actually a pretty good cookbook.

  9. Yeah, I gave up pork some time ago because, well, just look at this picture!

  10. Love his/her smile.

  11. Alice Shortcake says:

    The eyelashes!


  12. That is the cutest little pink piggy EVER!!!!