Manny The Selfie Cat

We KNEW eventually it would come to this. (Say like the guy who did the trailers for the movies🙂 “In a world of GoPros, iPhones, Instagrams and selfies, it was only a matter of time…before the Cats got in on it. And the world…would never be the same.”

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From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow. More Manny here.



  1. Blennerhassett says:

    dogs are so technologically challenged

  2. grytlappar says:

    Pic 2, that face! Hahaha…

  3. I’m looking forward to an Encore Presentaysh of Pic 2 next Nosevember.

  4. I wonder why none of the dogs come within paw swiping range. Smart doggies,

  5. the cat looks so serious…………..=)

  6. sleekityin says:

    In Pic 2 – I think Manny was hoping the camera was also a tuna dispenser. He certainly deserves some for his David Bailey-esque skills.