Can We Get A Little Rule #58 Here?

It’s one of the newer Rules, so perhaps you haven’t committed it to memory yet. Here we go: Rule of Cuteness #58: If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute. Yeah, you can see the other one- barely- but it’s smooshed under.

We also got an email directly from The Derpy One shown above (she signed it!) AFAIK, no hoomins were involved. We present it here unedited and in its entirety:

“My name is Rosebud and I am a three month old Belgian Malinois. Everyone tells me what a pretty girl I am. I looooove my mom and dad and girl….and my kitty cats too! My all-time favorites are yummy treats, my blue oinky piggy and my Mama’s big bed. I get all crazy dog when my peoples get home, and BAROO often with my kangaroo ears. Everyone tells me that I’m a pretty girl – don’t you agree?! With Much Love, Rosebud Meier.”



  1. Sabrina Rose says:

    Rosebud is definitely a pretty girl! A bit big for only 3 months….don’t know much about this breed (but I hope we will see more as Rosebud grows up). Adorable facial expression! Bet she likes her tummy rubs, too. AND she likes cats? What a nice doggy!

  2. Tummy pats comin’ right up!

  3. Yes, I; do agree that you are a pretty girl, Rosebud, and maybe just a bit goofy, too! I also agree with Sabrina Rose; I would like to see more pictures of you!

  4. crashnandicoot says:

    I love the crazy white of eye showing!