“Seriously. Nutmeg can kill with her Cuteness. Photo cred: me! Jennifer H. Bun owner: my daughter Mary Jane.”



  1. Thank you, Cuteoverload!!!! You just made our Bunday!

  2. Yes, Nutmeg can slay me with her cuteness. Not a bad way to go, from too much bunneh cute.

  3. Nutmeg looks cuddly and adorable. Especially love the paws neatly together.

  4. Yes, Nutmeg is lethally cute!

  5. Those chubby little cheeks are the cutest! Nutmeg is a doll baby 🙂

  6. Thank you for keeling me first thing on Monday morning. Can I have Nutmeg in my hot chocolate please? Prosh baby….LOVE.

  7. Toborzgrrl says:

    It’s the mouf.

  8. Nutmeg! So famous now! I had to come check out the picture after you mentioned it J! 🙂