Smile For The Camera, Caleb

941008_10153888858683824_8190698968308894706_nGAAAAAAAAAAA. Totes Adorbs. More on Caleb from Farm Sanctuary’s FB.


  1. Bless. He looks so content…

  2. Cute caleb. He looks like he could have been kin to Djali.

  3. BatBlaster says:

    Quit kidding around ya little goat.

  4. Want!

  5. grytlappar says:

    Little smilio…

  6. Poor Caleb has been through a lot. 😦 Glad he and his mother were rescued by the kind people at Farm Sanctuary.

  7. Totes? As in “totes ma-goats”?

  8. januaryfarmer says:

    You are the sunshine of my life….

  9. OK, Caleb, thanks for brightening this Monday morn!! Adorable.