New From Breathe Right™!

Got a snoring problem? Why bother with those sticky little strips of tape for your nose? Just drop Wallace across your nose! Poof: no more snoring!

~ ~ ~

Cat name: Wallace (a.k.a: “Super Cudds” for super cuddles.) Photographer: Girish. New Cuteness Rule?: It’s cute when an animal uses a human as a pillow…” -Tanya L.



  1. I’ve got to get me one of those! Wallace is adoreable!

  2. No more sleeping either (for the hoomin).

  3. gangewifre says:

    How is that NOT a cuteness rule already!? Because it is truly adorable! My life goal is to be used as a pillow by cute animals.

  4. We probably need to make it a general rule as to when a pet uses you as a sleeping place. Lor knows I’ve been nailed by the bed a lot of mornings because there’s a 7-lb cat on my legs and I can’t move.