Meet The Hummingbird Lady

You have to have more than a little bit of patience to deal with this Frantic Little Buzzy Dudes. They seem to like her, don’t they? Or is it the Secret Red Sauce she’s got in those feeders?


And one of ’em even gets a little kiss on the head.



  1. This is absolutely awesome. I would love to stand right there and feed the tiny little birds with her.

  2. herbert butler says:

    How can she stay so still for such a long time?

  3. silentsam says:

    My hummingbirds won’t share. They run each other off.

  4. Amazing!

  5. silentsam: Hummingbirds are really mean little bastards. If they weren’t so pretty we’d see that they are basically avian shrews.

  6. Hummingbirds are afraid of NOTHING. When the feeder is empty they will hover and peek in the window as if to say “can we get some SERVICE here?” Frequently they are too impatient to wait until the refilled feeder is hung up, and will drink out of it while it is still in my hand. My husband watched a gang of 6 or 8 hummingbirds chase a HAWK away from our yard.

    Watch this:

  7. My father did that with his hummingbirds every summer. Such a delicate creature sitting on your finger is the most amazing thing…

    And Brandi, all birds are territorial little fighters. All of the lovely birdsong one hears in the morning is a rousing chorus of “GET OFF MY LAWN!!”. 🙂