Cats Ruining Your Day

Now, why would they EVER go and do that?



  1. Hehe, oh what would we do without our cat friends? I remember the time one of my boys pushed my souvenir and favorite tea cup from Japan off the table…and well, there was no salvaging that. *sigh*

  2. Tony James says:

    Correction: it’s not *your* day. It’s theirs – you just happen to live in it.

  3. Doesn’t Dodo have their own site?
    Or is this it and I missed it?

  4. I’ve never seen a cat cover itself with toilet paper like that, although one of my kittens used to make me laugh by pulling the toilet paper off and leaving it in a pile on the floor.

  5. I want a video of that toilet paper monster on an hour long loop. I’d watch that over the freakin’ tv yule log. although the hallmark yule log/dog/cat mash up was kind of cute.