Three Days, Three Chugs

Day One: Flip The Grumpy Chug.

Day Two: Chili The Chug.

Day Three: “Hi! With all this Chug Love, I have to introduce you to Kevin. He’s a 3-year-old rescue (shout out to the Nashville Humane Society, which also gave him the name) who shook up our lives with his fickle affection, ridiculous under bite, addiction to socks, obsession with watching the neighborhood cats from the window, love of naps, and general bad attitude.” (Cue music player above.)


“We *think* he’s a Chug because of his body shape and huge energy level, but it’s always up in the air. Regardless, he’s the most-loved little jerk around! Thanks for all you do. Love the site and have lurked for years! Best, Lauren A., Nashville.”




  1. I think you need to start a new tag for when hoomin servants…mmm… “owners” mimic their puppy overlords. Like in the second picture above. At least, I think that those people are doing an underbite. Or they just have weird smiles.

  2. Kevin is a cutie and sounds like quite the character! My cat can be a jerk, too, so I understand the unconditional love thing! 😀

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    First pic–NOT cute!! 😦

  4. misscrisp says:

    singsong voices: “Can I be a boozehound?” “Not til your fifteen”
    Bart & Homer

  5. ❤ the family portrait