“Hey Honey? Did You Fill The New Dog-Proof Container?”

[“Oh yeah. FINALLY, Meme won’t be able to scarf midday snacks. It’s a really smart setup. Locked down like Ft. Knox. No way will she be able to figure it out.]



  1. eaglestar51 says:

    She’s a Border Collie; she’s got twice the brains and thrice the common sense of all current candidates for President. Combined.

  2. @eaglestar my sentiments exactly, except I was going to say border collies are people wearing dog suits.

  3. I for one welcome my new fuzzy overlord. What a smart goggie!

  4. Makes me both want and not want a border collie at the same time.

  5. Dog proof .. Maybe .. Not Genuis Pup Proof

  6. It looks to me like see is an Australian Shepard to me; but I’d still stick with @eaglestar51’s comparison nonetheless. AS’s are right up there with BC’s.

  7. Can I pick “None of the Above”, and write in Border Collie @Eaglestar51 ?

  8. eaglestar51 says:

    I would vote for a border collie for President!

    Heck, I’d vote for my not-too-bright Heinz 57 mix mutt – at least he’s loyal, goofy and neutered!

  9. If she’s so smart, let her put the cover back on so her humins would never know! Oh, and reformat the memory card in the camera so all the evidence is erased.

  10. LOL, gizmo.

  11. Now this is a smart dog. She not only turned the lid, but she kept checking to see if it could come off too.

  12. @ Doug……….. you sure can! I’m going to write in my vote for my cat Lexi. 🙂

  13. januaryfarmer says:

    Nicely done dog! You’re killing me.

  14. The only way this could be better is if the dog put the lid back on when she was done to hide the evidence.

  15. I heard of an aquarium that was mysteriously losing fish overnight, so they set up a camera. An octopus took the lid off its tank, took the lid off a fishtank, ate some fish, put the lid back, went back to its tank and put *that* lid back. So the octopus is smarter than the border collie.

  16. @rhea2 – or octopus are sneakier! hehe…someone should send that video into the maker of said dog-proof container. :p

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My favorite octopus story, originally read in the Washington Post: there was an aquarium or some such with a giant octopus in a tank. The guy in charge of feeding it was in a hurry for a meeting, so he just dumped the shrimp in the tank and ran, not realizing the shrimp had spoiled. When the meeting was over he came back and saw the shrimp lying on the bottom of the tank, uneaten. The octopus noticed his return and, looking right at him, began to slowly and deliberately cram the shrimp into the tank’s filter.