When Is A Cat Also A Dog?

When the doggeh is named Cat, natch. “This is my pup Cat,” Charley R. says. “She’s a service dog, highly intelligent, has a wicked tiny tennis ball obsession and has me thoroughly wrapped around her little finger.”

Can’t imagine why.

2015-10-29 09.13.56

2016-01-06 12.26.51





  1. Cat is a sweetie pie and doing good work!!

  2. My brother tried naming his dog Neko. It’s spelled right, but he pronounces it NEE-ko. His gf gets all pissy and REFUSES to believe me when I tell her that they’ve been mispronouncing it all these years. No amount of showing them japanese people saying it correctly will convince her. Ah well!

  3. @Kristi, I’d get pissy too if someone told me I was mispronouncing the name of MY pet. I can choose to pronounce MY pet’s name whatever way I want. If I was referring to another person with that name, I would use the pronunciation they prefer. (I’ve met two or three “Diane”s and most say “Deye-anne”, but one insisted her name was “Dee-anne”. Which of them are right? Both, as far as they are concerned.)

    Back on topic: Cat looks adorable and I love the picture of him curled up with his tennis ball.