You Spent ALL THAT MONEY On Cat Toys

You know, all that shiny plastic junk piled up in the laundry room. Because: what do they want after all?



  1. Oh, my cats so need their own plushie Q-tips!! You could make a fortune selling those. I’ll buy a few. Puh-leeeeze????!!!! 😊😊😊 Love to C and M!

  2. scoobiesnacks says:

    My cat is nuts about these too. It eats the cotton though.

  3. My cat is nuts about these too. It eats the cotton though.

  4. My Dora was OBSESSED with Q-tips when I first got her, but she seems to have outgrown it now. Emery boards, on the other hand, are still irresistible.

  5. Mine are like this with emery boards.

  6. From one of the angles it looks as though the Q-tip has been slightly, ah, used. Many cats are attracted by earwax. They are drawn to the fact that earwax is protein, and the smell is appealing to them. If your cat likes to relentlessly lick your ear, or if he digs into the bathroom trash basket to find used Q-tips, that is why. Of my four cats, only one is an earwax freak, but I have to be careful of how I dispose of Q-tips to keep her from them. I also have to make sure my purse is completely zipped closed, because if I don’t, she will dig into it for the pouch I keep my hearing aids in. I found that out the hard way when $4200 worth of hearing aids disappeared from my purse one day, only to be discovered later in the evening when I spotted her carrying the pouch out from under the bed where she stashes her treasures (like a furry little dragon) to guard them against the other three cats.

  7. BTW, some (again, not all) cats freak out over the smell of bleach. One of my cats–not the same one–goes nuts when she catches a whiff of bleach from my hands after I have been cleaning with it. I do my best to wash and rinse away the traces of bleach before playing with the cats, but Lucy can always tell, and she acts as though my hands are made of catnip when she detects a trace of bleach on them.

  8. @tblue mine love the used ones too! They don’t even care about the clean ones (which are in a jar with a lid, but they could totally knock it down if they wanted). Cats sure are gross, adorable creatures, aren’t they? And speaking of purse scavenging, for a couple days my Selma was completely obsessed with digging in my purse and taking everything out until she found my pack of tissues, and then would bring them to me. I have absolutely no idea what she was trying to accomplish. But clearly I wasn’t playing along right, cause she gave up the tissue game pretty quickly.

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My friend’s cat loves armpits, but only *guys’* armpits. No idea whether it’s a matter of different deodorants or hair vs shaved. Or maybe the cat is just sexist??

  10. Cats. So crazy, especially when it comes to unpleasant smells. I too love the plushy qtip and would buy many for my cats. And Cole has got some magnificent earfloofage!

  11. XIA and JUNO – mine as well! Emery boards are all they need, I find them scattered everywhere!

  12. My birman boy Mowgli, is all about elastic hair ties. Often, during the day when I’m downstairs, I hear thumping bebeh-heffalump noises coming through the ceiling. Before I knew what/who it was, I went upstairs to check the noise out and found Mowgli gallivanting and leaping around the upstairs rooms with a hair tie. Once he saw me looking he stopped of course. But now because I don’t go up to look, he breaks out his bebeh-haffalump moves for about 10 minutes at a time. After it stops I creep up there and find him passed out on my bed. Such a clown!

  13. @ SusieQ Here ya go, but they are the official Cole and Marmy Q tips same as the video.

  14. victoreia says:

    Two of my three marmie boys LOVED used Q-tips! We ended up having to buy trash cans with lids, so Kyuri wouldn’t dig them out of the trash.

    Of course, Kyuri would also eat anything resembling string. We found that out the hard ($4000 vet bill) way: after various tests and an overnight stay at the vet hospital, one vet finally said “Let’s do an ultrasound!” And we saw the ball of twine the little brat had eaten, all caught up in his digestive tract!

    Gods, I miss my boys.

  15. buffy summers says:

    mine too! great video btw. 🙂

  16. @ tblue that must be the reason my cat sticks her nose in my ear and sniffs every chance she gets! I just thought she was being goofy! 🙂

  17. … this morning I found a de-cottoned Q-tip in the kitchen. It had also been bent into a U-shape. Right on cue.

  18. He says, “Gimme–now!”