Pleuroncodes Planipes ACTION At The MBA

PW16-007Pelagic red crabs to you and me. Check out this little red goober! Quoting the Monterey Bay Aquarium: “They’re back! Pelagic red crabs — Pleuroncodes planipes (aka tuna crabs, because they’re so tasty to so many fishes) sometimes visit us during El Niño conditions—and they’re here today!”






  1. What a sweet little face! But that backwards-thing doesn’t look like a comfortable way of swimming!

  2. fkaWaldenPond says:

    Sea bugs 🙂

  3. gangewifre says:

    Can we please talk about how adorable and amazing the BACKWARD SWIMMING is!? 😀

  4. Crab? Looks more like a crayfish, though I know they’re both crustaceans.