No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To RIBBIT

Now is this an evil Bond villain look, or WHAT. (“My happy little fatty, Magdalena,” from Imgur/Reddit.)

[*Note: Blatant Bond plug- new DVD out Feb. 9. -B.]



  1. It’ll take more than cutting off your earlobes, Blorpfeld, to turn you into a Count.

  2. Cutie!

  3. BatBlaster says:

    What species of frog did you say this was?

  4. “I expect you to CROAK”

  5. Cute little smile on this girl.

  6. Awww, she’s lovely, not evil!

  7. Looks like a toad to me — no webbed back feet, and it’s brown and squatty. In south Florida we are over run with toxic toads known by the names of bufo (Latin for toad) cane toad (because they were brought here in the late 1930’s to save the sugar cane crop by eating the bugs that were destroying the plants — a failure because the bugs were eating the flowers at the top of the 6 foot tall sugar cane plants and the toads can only hop vertically about a couple of inches). They’re also called marine toads because they spread through the state through the waterways. They can grow to 2 feet or more — a scary sight, indeed. They were imported from Central America where their poison was used on arrow tips. Turns out that poison, which is sprayed from two glands on either side of their head kills small pets like cats and dogs whose curiosity drives them to inspect these pesky pests. I have had to learn how to catch these critters as soon as I spot them on my property and remove them before they can come into contact with my dogs — one of whom was a Jack Russell who felt his mission in life was to remove all the lizards and toads and other “vermin” he was designed to kill. I know a man who lost his German Shepherd Dog because he caught and swallowed one of those toads. There’s no antidote and death came within 20 minutes .because he got the full dose. American toads are not a problem, but if you visit or live in South FL with dogs or cats you have to be aware of the danger these toads pose.