Flip The Grumpy Chug

FlipDale S. sent this in, and with a face like that, RIGHT UP IT GOES. “Zeus’s Rescue Place (New Orleans) posted this picture of Flip, who needs a home. As they pointed out (but how could you miss it) he looks exactly like a canine counterpart to Grumpy Cat. (P.S.—Zeus’s is awesome and deserves to be world famous for all the work they do finding homes for New Orleans dogs! I got my pup, who just turned 2, from them.)


  1. Cute mutt, but that looks more like a worry face than a grump to me…

  2. Flip, you are irresistible and I bet you will be adopted soon, if you haven’t been already!

  3. Hmm … I see why they call them “chugs”, but in my neck of the woods, “chug” is derogatory slang for a First Nations person. Hmmm.

  4. chug, I gather, is a portmanteau of chihuahua and pug, simulflow.

  5. Moll – of course it is. It is just unfortunate that it has that association for me …

  6. What’s wrong with calling them Pihuahuags?😉

  7. Aww, he’s a cutie! I am sending this pic to my son who lives in NO so maybe he can check this little guy out!


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