Headline THIS To Win A Personal Prosh Puppeh Painting!

[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: MA is our winner! Check your email, please- and thanks to all who entered!)

Take a peek if you will, at these Prosh Puppeh Paintings! “Here are a couple portraits I’ve done of some pretty cute pups. I donate 10% of proceeds to my local dog rescue, Augusta Dog Adoptions.org,” writes Geiger H.

So here’s the deal. Write up your best headline to the ABOVE photo– we’ll choose our favorite and announce at 1pm PT. You’ll get a painting of YOUR pet! (You send Geiger a photo, etc.) Get to work! Meanwhile, here are a few other examples: (you can click these to Super-Size™ them, and here’s the website and FB, BTW.)






  1. “Dive in, the snorgling’s good!”

  2. Janie French says:

    Just doing my best to help the world “go green.”

  3. Salvador Doggy (almost)

  4. Wow, what gorgeous paintings!

    “Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” 😉

  5. In the Mod lounge……I assume there will be milk and cookies……

  6. “The paws that refreshes!” 8-D

  7. thkoalafanfurimmer says:

    Come snorgle my belleh. You know you want to.

  8. Well, hello gorgeous!

  9. “Thanks for painting me like one of your French girls!”

  10. Tickle spot!

  11. “Move over, Botticelli. Now sit. Good boy.”

  12. Something about Magrrrrrritte. Oh art history flashbacks are happening (and clearly I really want to win, haha)

  13. I’m ready for my snorgle, Mr. DeMille.

  14. Little known fact: Georgia O’Keefe’s career went through a short lived, critically panned detour known as the “Puppy Modernism” phase

  15. “Paint me like one of your poodles!”

  16. Don’t let my Cuteness fool you, I’m a little devil in disguise!

  17. Don’t hate me because I’m adorable.

  18. Due to her full body fur covering, Isabella Puppaccino was the most sought after nude model during the Renaissance era.

  19. Widely know as the subject of da Vinci’s lesser known masterpiece, the “Puppa Bella”, she was always asked what she was thinking of that put the famous “enigmatic” smile on her face. The answer was always the same: bacon.

  20. “The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.”
    Jackson Pollock

    This won’t win, but certainly describes these beautiful paintings!

  21. Emmberrann says:

    Why, sī, Señor Goya, I am the “Naked Maja.” Why do you ask?

  22. The danger of “puppy sexting”.

  23. Elisabeth V. says:

    “Breaking: U.S.S. Snorglebelleh capsizes on its maiden voyage…human casualties reported.”

  24. “Yeah, I’m adorablez….Now. This belleh ain’t gonna rub itself, if-ya-know-what-I-mean.”

  25. Kim Kardashian would NEVER use this filter.

  26. Balanced composition, subtle contrast, the interplay of paws and belleh – this is Art at its finest.

  27. Inez Schaechterle says:

    “I already have your soul. What else can you offer?”

  28. Joshua L. says:

    The Eyes of Innocent Love

  29. This iPhone filter sucks…

  30. Yes, I was the one that ordered the extra large belly rub with a side of snorgle.

  31. I thought you said I would get a REUBEN, not get painted like a Rubens.

  32. Look, in my eyes I give to you…the force of love…that’s what YODA do! 🙂

  33. When you said my portrait would get a “Rubenesque treatment”, I really only heard the words “reuben” and “treat”….

  34. sandy1943 says:

    A you’re adorable, B you’re so beautiful, C You’re a cutie full of charm

  35. Sharon Wilson says:

    Been a while since we heard about the mod lounge…

  36. Paint me like one of your french bulldogs.

  37. **Sharon Wilson – I know right, but I guess my quote from Sunset Boulevard was a bit much for the CO “filter”.
    And yes, that is the correct quote from the movie, I had to look it up! Love IMDb!
    This paintings are amazing and I wish the winner the best!!!

  38. “Olive another belly rub, if you don’t mind.”

  39. Hello from Paris says:

    Never seen such a beautiful job. At first, I thought it was pics!
    Very very very very good work!
    Greetings from Paris

  40. The tie-tie chi master. Learn of his ways.

  41. You will gives me Cheezeburger!