“Oh! You’re Home….Early!

There is absolutely no doubt that Shamus has either (A) Done something very bad, or (B) Is about to. Which leads us to Rule #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

“​Here is a photo of my 6-year-old rescue cat Shaymus (aka Shay-Shay.) He has an almost human-looking face! I love him to pieces but his snoring does keep me up many nights,” Jamie M. tells us.



  1. Mrs. Norris says:

    Shaymus looks like he has an accomplice who is ready to rat him out! (Love the cupboard knob too)!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. catcrazy3 says:

    Shaymus is a handsome guy who could get away with anything. I love the Brown Tabby who’s his partner in crime.

  3. Did anyone else notice the sneaky photo-bomb? SOMEone probably has some information on what Shaymus and friend have been up to. Also, alarming optical illusion going on with those… maracas? giant spoons? geese? They look like Shay-shay has his legs up on the window, crossed at the ankles.

  4. @MS: Yes! At first glance it looked like he had giant chicken legs! It seems to be a fortuitously placed giant fork and spoon set.

  5. Christine says:

    creeperpup wonders why he never gets invited to the party

  6. it’s very funny 🙂

  7. Who is the cute tabby next to Shaymus? @ Mrs. Norris……..I also love that cat pull on the kitchen drawer! 🙂

  8. januaryfarmer says:

    Did you see the little peeper? Failed lookout?

  9. Shamus is gorgeous! I love his dark orange color and his white nose. (And yes, the cat drawer pull is very cool.)

  10. Love the cabinet pulls and is that a SECOND photobomb outside that I see?!

  11. I definitely see the third critter in the pic – this is like those seek-n-find books we had has kids.
    Those drawer pulls are awesome!

  12. Hi everyone…Shay-Shay’s partner in crime…the tabby…is Coby…yet another rescue cat. And a sweetheart. And the photobomb at the back door is my neighbor’s sweet, sweet dog Peanut, who has since passed.

  13. sohie's mum says:

    I have that same salad fork/spoon set ! Lovely, sweet (guilty) kitties