It’s A New Year! Time To Have A Ball!

LOTS of them. We particularly direct you to the “Kitteh Launching” sequences.

“Happy New Year! Here is a cute video of Boomer the kitty, playing in his ball pit,” says Erin U.



  1. The Original Jane says:

    What gorgeous markings! Bengal?

  2. My Jin would do -exactly- what this cat does if we gave him a ball pit. This is adorable.

  3. Energetic kitteh! I think my cat would be entertained for two minutes and then remember his dignity.

    Could be a Bengal..maybe an Egyptian Mau?

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how he uses the doggeh as a springboard!

  5. Boomer and Didga (seen on the uppermost level of the cat tower!) are two of the greatest cats ever. I follow them on FB and they are really living the life there down under.

    I may try a ball pit for my crazy boy Milo. I’m tired of him knocking over the furniture.

  6. Just don’t take them to chuckie cheese. you’ll never get them out of that ball pit. But can you imagine the kids finding something small, furry and clawed biting their ankles.

  7. that is a very pretty cat