Rats, It’s The First Day Back From Vaca Monday

Someone sent you some Led Zeppelin MP3s to your office email, so now there’s 3GB of audio in there- and now the vengeful IT department wants to suspend your account. Your phone has 125 new messages. The coffee machine was left on and fused itself to the counter. And the thermostat is stuck on hi so it’s 97 degrees inside. In the shade.

Rats, it’s Monday.

Image from HDWallpapersNew.net.



  1. bunnylove50 says:

    It’s all worth it for those Zep songs! 🙂

  2. Glad to see you back =D

  3. Yep, back to the grind today! Thank goodness for CO to help ease the transition! (Been rather lazy for the past 2 weeks; how come the less I do, the faster time goes???)

  4. Love the off center white streak, on this mousie/rattie’s face. A teacup mousie/rattie.

  5. Those ears! That peenk nose! Those teeny fingers! Goodness, how baby ratties make me swoon!

  6. Brinke, you SO know my life!

  7. Awww! Reminds me of my rat, Milo