Grooming 101

Dogs? They just kinda take it as it comes. I need a bath? OK, I’ll get to that…soon. Cats, though- an entirely different story. Grooming is a THING for them. Timo shows us the proper procedure.



  1. I once tried to give my cat a bath, thinking that I could bathe her just like I did my dog. My cat had always been very calm in nature and just took things as they came, like a champ. Boy, I was not ready for what was about to happen.

    I filled the bath tub with luke warm water, thinking that would be perfect for her, since she loves to be warm! The second I put her in the tub, she began flailing uncontrollably and scratching me like no other.

    It took about 2 weeks to heal from my wounds.

    Never again.

  2. Sharon Wilson says:

    Check out the toe hawk at :20!

  3. Sorry about your experience, Dan.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    In case you ever want to try again ( 😀 ) you need to use slightly warmer than lukewarm or it will feel cool to kitty due to her naturally higher body temperature. Also, if you ever consider the get-in-the-shower-with-kitty approach, where clothes, for you will be climbed.

    Your story made me lol, though, so I may not have your best interests at heart.

  5. Love the nom, nom, nomming on his/her own toes!