Grooming 101 (Part 2)

Earlier today, Timo gave us a lesson on proper kitteh grooming technique. However, after viewing THIS video, you may just come to this conclusion: BUNS DO IT BEST.



  1. bunnylove50 says:

    Bunnies do everything, best! 🙂

  2. What we have here are two categories of competence: individual grooming technique and group or mutual grooming technique. In the first, it’s kittehs all the way; in the second, the buns bump all competition. The cute meter’s off the scale in both events.

  3. I want to dopple into that little lop.

  4. I’m just one big puddle from melting, from the triple cute factor. I want a group snorgle.

  5. Marlies Hofmans says:

    I agree with bunnylove50 🙂

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    thud *ded*

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    Mmmmm…delicious ears!