First Maru/Hana Of The New Year

…and they look to be pretty zonked out here. This must have been taken on New Year’s at like 6am.



  1. grytlappar says:

    The cut to the tailio… hehe.

  2. Whenever my cats say things like, “Maru and Hana get more love than we do,” I remind them that I never put silly hats on them.

    Love these two. Watching Hana’s pupils change size was pure joy.

  3. Rule of Cuteness: If you are Maru doing anything, anywhere, you are cute. And your tail is moving.

  4. If your system is capable, this video is available in 4K resolution! Maru and Hana close-ups in 4K!

  5. Maru and Hana in all their well-deserved HD glory >:3 ❤

  6. Hana is gorgeous and Maru is too fluffy cute! I absolutely LUV the close-ups and that tail of Maru’s could be the next big clock app…ya know like the black cat clock from back in the day? 🙂

  7. Closeup of Maru’s precious face was awesome!