It Must Be Love

From the FB page.



  1. AAAHAhahahahaha I’m dyin’ over here! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks. Loudest I’ve laughed, too.

  2. Barbara Baker says:

    Oh, that’s really funny.

  3. grytlappar says:

    Is that a lampshade baroo?

  4. Seems shady to me.

  5. I saw you across a green a lawn, your slim pin, your round face and it was love, love, love.

  6. Hey! Could that be Slim Shady?

  7. The title is brilliant (as is the image).

  8. Hilarious. And three cheers for Malinki.

  9. Kevin? Is that you?

  10. Snort

  11. I remember the lamp shade days with my dog. This is too funny!

  12. Baileysgrandmom says:

    Wait, I feel like I just got caught in the filming of a Pixar movie.

  13. “I think that lamp is mocking me.”