Hey Mate, Read Me A Story, Right?

[Got it picked out here n’ everything. Warm up me bottle and scoot a chair on over. I’m not goin’ anywhere.]

Wildfire! That’s what Jack and Annie are up against when they are whisked away to the land of Australia. And they’re not alone! Jack and Annie must help a baby kangaroo and a koala escape from a fire-filled forest. Will they be able to rescue the animals in time? [*Note: Title available on Amazon, if your ‘Roo is interested. -Ed.]

(Arbroath. This hour’s regularly scheduled TGIF! returns next Friday, same Bat-time, etc.)



  1. I’ll gladly read a story to that cute bebeh roo. I wonder how much it took to get the roo to pose like that.

  2. grytlappar says:

    Aww those eyes…

  3. This little guy is lovely! Awesome expression, too.

  4. Is Rule 51 (Head To Body Ratio: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s cute.) in effect here? I mean the ears alone…