Gotta Do Everything MYSELF

[Guess no one else is gonna shovel the driveway, so it’s up to me! But this is giving me a killer brain freeze. Man, it’s only January 1st, too.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)



  1. He sure earned his allowance this week. 🙂

  2. Hey little line(clearning)man, this one’s for you

  3. Why isn’t that skwel hibernating, and why hasn’t someone invented some sort of mini hat-shovel for skwerlios?

  4. We haven’t had any snow for years now … I miss it, even though it’s tough for the small creatures … this lil squerl has got it sussed though – I hope there were lots of rewards for him at the other end and that it didn’t snow again too soon after.

  5. I’m just bummed the video stopped there–I really wanted to see him get to the end. I was cheering for him: “Keep going, buddy! You can do it!”