[I’ll Be Your Bookmark, OK?]

Why bother with those little cardboard bookmarks that have the tassle on them? You’ll just lose them anyway. Next time you stop your reading for the night, just shove Purrsephone in there, and you’ll always keep your place marked.

You’ll have to use your lint roller on the pages, though.

~ ~ ~

“Our little Purrsephone has moved in and spent her first Christmas with us. She started letting us get to know her and her interests. She’s a huge Outlander fan apparently.” -Elizabeth L.



  1. Gorgeous baby…

  2. Yes, kittems! U read good!

  3. This made me laugh. Stay adorable

  4. “Why do you want to read, hoomin, when, you could be worshipping me?” 😀 Happy New Year, gorgeous kitty!

  5. I read several books at a time, so do they come in sets?

  6. sleekityin says:

    Introducing the “Floof-marker” with new “paw-assisted reading” function. Qteness guaranteed.

  7. Nelson Alvarado says:

    Hey!! I love her photos, I’m the owner of her sister,
    You can see photos on her Instagram @cruelladecat
    Best regards from Cruella to her sister Purrsephone