Toesday Too: “He Is The Zoomies”

Tracy B. says, “This is a goofball cat I am taking care of named Indiana Jones–aka Indy. Indy’s mom Susan got a job in China and has had to go travel for a while, so I have been keeping Indy at my house till her return. Indy is a complete clown at all times. He doesn’t have the zoomies, he IS the zoomies. And the reason he makes a good Toesday submission is this: Indy has exactly One Pink Toe (OPT). All of his other toes are gray, except for The One. I took one picture of him sleeping where you can see the OPT, and another EXTREME CLOSE UP so everyone can really appreciate it.”












  1. Aww I love him! So cute!

  2. I agree with Dre, so cute! Wish I could pet Indy. You are a good friend to take care of this kitty while his person is in China. You also have a wonderfully cat friendly house with those great kitty shelves!

  3. Indy’s goofy personality shows in his pictures! 😀 He is as cute as he is goofy! (And his owner has left him in good hands!)

  4. To Murray Von Kittypants owners: for some reason I can’t leave a comment on your post, but what a charming and handsome fella he is! ( I also have kitty who hides under the bed !)

  5. Indy is adorably goofy, and he clearly landed on his feet when mom asked for help storing him.

    I too wanted to comment on Murray Von Kittypants: Would very much like to see more of Murray’s kittypants, especially if they turn into cataloons.

  6. Brinke, we need a(n) OPT tag. Or a trading card. Or both.

  7. Love the markings. Looks like half a Kitler. Plus the little black splat over his heart.

  8. Love the…Charlie Chaplin moustache

  9. What a nut! I am in love.

  10. Indy is so adorably funny! I can see he’s quite the character and I esp. love the pic with him sound asleep with his belly up.

  11. Rose, yes, he is half a Kitler. A friend of mine calls him Halfstache.

  12. sleekityin says:

    Love the pic where Indy is in the penthouse suite/shelf.

  13. PS: I’m down with OPT. ::laughs, runs away::

  14. 🙂 🙂

  15. What an incredible cat, and what an incredible friend you are! Hours of entertainment for you, and a safe happy place for this little guy.

  16. liloaktree says:

    Vital Q for Tracy B!
    That wall with the cat shelves looks awesome! What did y’all use on the wall, it looks so shiny and goregous?

  17. liloaktree: I user to work at a certain big box retail store, changing the displays and the store layout (just to make you all mad). Most resets required us to put backer paper up over the back part of the shelves to make it pretty. When we were done with the backer paper we usually threw it out…unless I was around! This stuff was the backer paper for the Easter displays, until I ferreted some used sheets home and made it my wallpaper. 😉

  18. Awww