Murray Von Kittypants

Only three days left in the year and we might just have discovered the Top Name For 2015. “Yes, that is indeed his full name. He’s a seducer of the ladies (well, me, since he hides under the bed when strangers show up) and he also likes to celebrate Christmas. He also has his own Instagram; sorry, gotta Pimp the Cuteness! Actually, not sorry :P)” -Carrie S.

[*Note 1: Rule of Cuteness #25: Dangling paws are cute. -Ed.]

[*Note 2: New tag: “Pimping The Cuteness.” -Ed.]



  1. Yay! That’s my goober!

  2. That’s one of the cutest cats ever and one of the best names!

  3. Ah, Herr Von Kittypants you are, indeed, a handsome gent.