Lookit! A Bebeh Snowball!

No sound on this one, but that hardly matters, right? Favorite comment on the original source post: “WHAT KIND OF FLOOF IS THIS I NEED 10 OF THEM.” (Imgur/Reddit.)

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  1. Certainly looks like a Pom pup to me. Need to check for sure; going in for the puppeh breff test.

  2. BatBlaster says:

    This looks so much fluffier than my cat.

  3. How is this thing real?!

  4. The earsies! The earsies!!!

  5. sleekityin says:

    Not sure if there’s a Rule of Qteness about walking forward paw-over-paw. If not, this gets my vote – it’s adorable in all it’s super high-grade floofliciousness.

  6. evilelfling says:

    I didn’t know dryer lint could be so adorable!

  7. Good grief. This is one of those bebehs who would cause my financial ruin, because I would spend all day cuddling His/Her Deliciousness and kissing that floofy head and could not do a lick of work. 🙂
    P.S. Did I detect a tiny hiccup halfway through the loop?!? Even a hiccup looks Qte!

  8. I am ded from teh kewt!!!

  9. andrea b. says:

    Is there an official Rule of Cuteness: ‘A little hiccup is cute’? Can we petition for one?

  10. andrea b. says:

    (I’m not sure where my post of 12/31 went … into the Cute-o-sphere … But what I’d said was: it looks to me as if ‘A little hiccup is cute’ is Natural Law (otherwise known as a Thermodynamic Rule of Cuteness). When my Dad finally relented and got us a dog in 1973, two things that happened in rapid succession won him over. One was: hiccups. A look came over my Dad’s face: recognition, wonderment, and love. I exclaimed: ‘Look! she has the hiccups!’ “…All babies get hiccups…” murmured my Dad, as if he had known about dogs, hiccups, and cuteness all along. But: Rule of Cuteness (Number whatever): A Little Hiccup is Cute?