How About A Drink, Tibbie?

[Evian, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Lemonade, Heineken- doesn’t matter, you stick your paw in just like THIS. Why- doesn’t EVERYONE do it like I do?]

“This is Tibbie. She is a British Shorthair kitty and she likes to drink water from her humans’ glass,” says Vladimir S.



  1. Mischief Girl says:

    Cute video, and the cat is gorgeous! I love her face and her markings!

  2. Cavalier Lover says:

    Tibbie can drink water from my glass anytime. What a beautiful tabby.

  3. My girl used to like to drink from glasses, too, but she’s stick her whole head in there.

  4. My boy kitty likes to do this with my glass if the water level is too low for his face. Both boy and girl kitty dip paws at the water dish also. I think the girl picked it up from the boy.

  5. Wait! I said shaken, not stirred!

  6. I can see this cat getting drunk on some wine.

  7. sleekityin says:

    Just as well the beer is in the can.

  8. BSHs are so very beautiful. I think this cat played Professor McGonagall in the first HP movie–very similar color and markings.

    In my house, I’d be using a sippy cup. Hair floating in the water = not good.