You’ve Heard The Term “Three Dog Night”

That’s the old saying that it’s so cold out you need three dogs on the bed to keep warm. Well, here’s your one pig morning. COMPLETE WITH PINK TONGUE ACTION.




  1. herbert butler says:

    I am so sorry to hear that your Brutus died on August 16, 2015. He looked like he was a wonderful dog. My bunny, Sally Ann, died on August 20, 2015. I hope that they have met up and are trading stories about their lives.

  2. Was expecting a pig in blankets joke myself.

    I’m guessing that Brutus had a good life. Warm bed, best friend and doting Dad who doesn’t mind sharing his bed.

  3. Actually, the term three dog night comes from Australian Aborigines, who slept with dogs in their shelters on cold nights. I expect the band of that name, which formed in 1967, encountered the phrase the way I did, in a National Geographic article.