I Disapprove Of These Christmas Presents.

[I specifically asked for a new Kindle Paperwhite. (Yes, we BUNS can read.) I. Do. Not. See. A. Package. That. Size. Addressed. To. Moi.]

~ ~ ~
“This is our little Christmas Bun Nacho and he definitely won the ‘Most Enthusiastic’ award in our house Friday morning! No one had to open a present unassisted and he was 100% into holiday cheer…until I pulled out the tiny Santa hats! I thought I would share this one picture with you as it’s a mix of Christmas Cheer and kind of a Where’s Waldo-Nacho game as he’s definitely well camouflaged with all the penguins!! We LOVE your site everyday, but especially around the holidays!!! Cheers, Sara G:).”



  1. I wish I could have seen Nacho “helping” with opening the gifts! Love that you included him in your Christmas celebration!

  2. My bun likes the tree, too, but we have to keep him from the wires.

  3. Nacho seems to disapprove of all the mess in his territory., the floor. My bunneh would be chewing all the paper. That’s why we put a portable pen around the gifts.

  4. RoC #57

  5. Now you know this guy is TOO CUTE!! He’s looking right at the camera too…I luv him!! 🙂