Monday Morning Stubbulars

A lot of you have had the previous several days off for the Christmas holidays. Now, it’s time to gear up and get back in the routine (for just a few days, ’til New Year’s Eve.) So—-to ease you into the work day—-have a Corgi. (Imgur.)



  1. Thank you! It’s just what I needed this morning. 🙂

  2. I’m looking less at the stubbiness and more at the eyebrows.

  3. Brinke, you’re the best. Really needed some stubbulars this morning.

  4. I am still on “staycation” this week and am housebound today due to a winter storm. I wish I had this little stubbers to cuddle with while I watch Netflix! ( I have 2 cats but as we all know they do what they aren’t not always cooperative cuddlers!)

  5. Sorry for that garbled last sentence! :b

  6. I miss my stubbular one! This is little cutie – thanks for sharing.

  7. oh this guy is so cute!

  8. Work would be much easier each week if I got a corgi to get me going. I would start accumulating corgis after a few weeks and would have a houseful of corgis after a few months but hey, being surrounded by stubbular doggehs is just another bonus.

  9. Everyone need’s a corgi in their life! I have a welsh Pembrokeshire and he is just the best 🙂