Headline THIS! (Updated!)

[*Note: April scores the top header this time around! Thanks to everyone who wrote in! -Ed.]

Ah, one last Headline THIS! for the year. This little girl/guy is clearly up to SOMETHING. Getting ready to pounce perhaps? Write up your best header and we’ll post around Noon PT! Good luck!

(Fluffington Post.)



  1. Ready to spring into 2016!! Get out of my way red monkeys !~!!

  2. The Original Jane says:

    Okay this is my best pose for the squatty potty audition.Do you think I’ll get the part?

  3. I haz Bionic Bunny Feet!

  4. I must, I must, increase my bust

  5. eaglestar51 says:

    “Now photoshop the 400-pound weights…”

  6. cyberpunkrocker says:

    IKEA cat, assembled per instructions.

  7. I is a frog .. Meowbit ..

  8. New yoga pose…Scoop that litter box NOW or suffer the consequences!

  9. And on three, we pounce. One. Two. And…….AAAAAAUUGH!

  10. Ellie's Mom says:

    Silly hoomins – I is about to do a reverse backwards pawspring and I is going to land land right in the brown bag behind me

  11. “Jones takes his mark”

  12. And now Grasshopper…I teach you my super springing Ninja attack!

  13. Evil Cat-Kneevil prepares for a jump.

  14. Mark! Set!

  15. Wait…did I turn the iron off?

  16. LOL Oakley!! I have no headline to offer, just to comment on how beautiful this kitty is!

  17. “I’m ready for Leap Year”

  18. (just rolled dice) “Come on…Mama needs a new catnip mouse”.

  19. That’s right, one child’s ticket, please.

  20. Barb and Paul says:

    Need. More. Fiber.

  21. sometimes I sit and think.
    sometimes I just sit

  22. Congrats April! I really like @Hilz’s headline too!