Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat?

Maru attempts to shove himself through a bag. Did I mention the hole at the end is too small for Maru’s head?



  1. Maru practicing a re-birthing?

  2. :3
    Seems Maru and Hana definitely enjoyed their Christmas dinner though >:3

  3. A corset for a cat!

  4. Andrew, thanks for sharing that link–those two are so sweet, nomming down on chichen.

    Who made the mistake with the bag? Maru or Mugumogu? Wording is ambiguous.

  5. They really went all out carnivorous predator on that chicken,especially Hana.Fierce.
    Thanks for the link,Andrew.

  6. Maru, I love you but it’s not the bag that makes you look, um…girthy! 😀

  7. Ahh, Maru. 🙂

  8. grytlappar says:

    He’s rather Yoda-ish there at the end.

  9. My life was emptier without Maru and all the other wonderful internet cats. Thanks to all the humans who share their wonderful critters with us, and thanks to CO for giving them and us a place to warm fuzzies.