Bunday: Wake Up Guys!

I know, you’ve had a busy week with the Christmas stuff and all, and we’re glad you got some rest last night. NOW…who’s up for some carrots, eh?



  1. That’s some serious, almost weapons grade cuteness… but the couch they are on looks a lot like my brand new couch, and I can’t help thinking “poo pellets!” Maybe that is the “weapons grade” — you know there is destruction, but you are too incapacitated by the QTE to do anything about it.

  2. I’m with the two on the right who are not going to move from that spot. In fact, I’ll just plop myself right down next to them and zzzz…….

  3. I also kept waiting for someone to pee on that pristine couch.

  4. There’s a whole lot of cute going on there. I’m like the two buns on the right, very sleepy and not wanting to move.

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    There oughtta be a Rule of Cuteness for an ear being folded by another animal! One flap up at :42!