bobtailsquid2(Say in Cliff Clavin Voice:) That there Nahm is what you call a Bobtail Squid. “He accumulates bioluminescent bacteria along its underbelly, which lend it a brilliant shimmer as it reacts to light rays.*”

(Say in Norm Peterson voice:) “Great Cliffy. Now gimme a beer.”

[*Note: *Above photo and quote from an article on My Modern Met. -Ed.]


  1. Iridescent squid-li-poo. How awesome!

  2. According to Wikipedia, “they are also known as Dumpling Squid.” DUMPLING SQUID, people!

  3. januaryfarmer says:


  4. I thought it was a crushed soda can.

  5. I had a bathing suit just like that.

  6. This looks like something Lisa Frank would have designed!