Thing Two, Sleepin’ In

It was a long hectic Christmas holiday yesterday for Thing Two, (babies pulling her tail, too much fruitcake and egg-nog) who has decided to exercise her right to Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute. Photo from Guremike.



  1. grytlappar says:

    Also: paws folded down!

  2. Gina Smith says:

    There is an extra leg there. Could that be Thing One?

  3. Gina Smith says:

    Oh, wait. is that a tail? No matchingks with the body.

  4. After yesterday, I’m feeling fat and sassy. Maybe I’ll find a sunbeam, too.

  5. I love checking out Guremike’s site. A very talented photographer lives in that house and the photos of the Things with baby (Thing Three?) are beyond cute.

  6. Thing two sleepin’ ON (one !)

  7. I think it should be Thing One sleepin’ ON one !