“Hey Honey? You Gonna Shovel The Sidewalk?”

“Nah- the game is on. Laika said she’d do it for a couple of dog bones. That’s a good deal where I come from.”

(Tastefully Offensive.)



  1. Oh my goodness – got to love a Jack! Awesome! Go Doggeh!!!!!

  2. What a smart dog! She’s scooping out her own potty area.

  3. Dad said I get a good allowance for this.

  4. This has gotta be new, a goggie shoveling the sidewalk with a frisbee?? Seriously? 😀
    Oh man… I wish, for so many reasons, that Letterman hadn’t called it quits (Colbert, pfft)—for the ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ alone!. Oh loff. Laika could surely have aced something on there!

  5. princesswolfgirl says:

    LOL!! So cute! ^__^