What’s A Poor Pig Gonna DO?

It seems that Edgar’s Mission resident Max just got a nice big blue ball. He really enjoyed playing with it. (Notice the past tense- enjoyed.) Problem is–Max did NOT take the time to read the fine print on the box which says “Do not squash this ball if you’re a huge pig.” So he did, and that’s THAT, mate. Max needs a new ball! Here’s where to make a Christmas donation.

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Details from Tastefully Offensive, Vimeo video provided by Kyle B.



  1. so much fun!!!

  2. Oh gosh, I first thought “enjoyed” meant Max DIED! I’m glad it was just the ball.

  3. Such a beeeg peeeg! His face when it pops is so, “Whaaaat happened?!”

  4. Aww… Bless him. Pigs are so cool.

  5. Badá Rock says:

    He stood there, waiting for the ball to come back to life…

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m not sure an inflatable ball, however strong, is an ideal toy for a huge animal with teeth like Max’s!

  7. awh I love pigs. Looks like he really enjoyed playing with that ball!