Mom Taxi 57, Down Undah

Down Under sorta has a double meaning here, no? Mama Quokka and her Bebeh on Rottnest Island, WA.

(The Dodo.)



  1. I’m ded here. Just ded.

  2. That Quokka and her bebeh are so cute. The way she holding her front paws are adorable.

  3. OMG! The onslaught of the qte is relentless.

  4. I has a bebeh. ^_____^

  5. It’s an Aussie critter so it’s pronounced like Kw-OCK-ah

    I have no idea how to explain in technical linguistic terms why we do this other than to say that, in Aussie-English vowels that immediately precede double consonants are (naturally) pronounced softly (unless otherwise indicated) e.g. Matter, Otter, lullaby, quitter, quattro, rotten, rattle, etc

    The name is taken from the native Noongar word ‘Gwaga’
    Anyone telling you they’re called Kw-OH-ka’s is mistaken

  6. I don’t need anything else for Christmas, just this picture!

  7. Is that mamma’s Louis Vuitton diaper bag in the back, there? Quokka, got style.

  8. murkle46, I’ve definitely been mispronouncing it, but it’s better your (aka the real) way! Sound more Fozzie bear! Wocka-wocka!

  9. Now that’s a peekaboo.