Yay 4 Snow Days!

Remember back in the day when you were in school, and it was snowing out? You’d turn on the scratchy AM radio and listen for the magic words…”Closed today.” (Not a 2-hour delay, who cared about those- big deal.) No, CLOSED. Well, Shasta, Baxter, and Ryer from Aquarium Of The Bay in San Francisco are having a snow day too.

And they dig it. Normally NOT a lot of snow in The City.

From Erin U.



  1. I love the complete and overwhelming enthusiasm these guys have for their life. Snow is the best enrichment they could possibly ever have! Not my view, but I am not an otter, either.

  2. Love this and love the synchronized back rub at :41!

  3. They’re making snow angels!!

  4. grytlappar says:

    I love how animuhls get all frisky in snow!

  5. Kind of want to buy these kids a washtub.

  6. BatBlaster says:

    Those critters are otter their minds. Weird how California is getting snow while NY is oddly warm.

  7. that is really really cute!!!!!!!!! otters are adorable

  8. 😀 😉