ResQte Of The Week: (Three Days Before Christmas Edition)

If THIS isn’t a warm & fuzzy Christmas present, I don’t know what is. Not even gonna set this one up. Just watch. And then go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Super Special C.O. Kudos to David Loop of Sierra Pacific FurBabies!



    and to see him snuggled all safe and sleepy in
    his hoomin’s arms….off. the. charts

  2. Who’s [sneef, sneef] chopping onions here??!?

    Piper is adorable, and so are all the lovely, kind, generous people who worked so hard to free him.

    Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, one rescued kitteh at a time…

  3. grytlappar says:

    I wasn’t expecting that guy to be dropped head-first down the chute!

    Aww, le petit chaton… Recovered in no time! ❤

  4. (sniff) Is it dusty in here or something? What a cute baby. And that guy is totally a candidate for the Men of C.O. calendar!

  5. Awwww. What a fun little guy. So playful.

  6. phonypony979 says:

    So cute . . .

  7. Janie4, I’m right there with you, on both counts. Piper is beyond adorable and seems to have put the trauma behind him.

  8. At this time of the year, when sometimes we end up seeing the worst of humanity instead of the best, this kind of thing really restores my faith in people. God bless Piper, the man who didn’t give up, and all those who helped rescue the little guy!

  9. Onions and a lot of blowing sand in the eyes…what the heck? *sniff sniff*

  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. Wow! Just wow!! So glad! So many tears…

  12. No. 1 : Is the guy with the glasses married??? No. 2 : This reminded me of “Baby Jessica”…if you are too young to remember who she is, just google, “Baby Jessica, well”…

  13. kimberlyep says:

    The hijinks are strong with this one!

  14. Me too, Radhika. I agree with all of you ❤

  15. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Sneef-sneef-sneef!! What a lovely story and what a happy ending!!
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  16. grytlappar says:

    They should do something about these storm drains—construct them so that small animals can’t fall in! People/fire departments/animal protection are always rescuing kittens and baby ducklings from these things!! I’m totally serious. How hard would that be?? (Not hard at all.)

  17. Mingles' Mommy says:

    So many good people… plus the fact that that kitten looks EXACTLY like my Mingles when he was a baby (he was abandoned in the street as a tiny kitten, my neighbor found him and begged me to take him… he was the first kitten I raised, and he’s a huge and hearty 5 years old now) has got me all emotional. Piper is just beautiful.

  18. I’m with you, Blakeney, I needed this reminder that there are indeed good people, outnumbering the crazed heartless killers. I had to smile when I saw Piper frolicking happily like a kitten should, then got misty again at the image of Piper sleeping peacefully in the arms of his loving rescuer. Which, by the way, is the best ever image symbolizing what Christmas is/should be all about, transcending personal religious beliefs or non-beliefs.

  19. sleekityin says:

    Just lovely. 🙂 Hope wee Piper finds a forever home.

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    Hey, if they could rescue those 33 miners they could definitely get a kitten out of a storm drain!

  21. Kathi Cooley says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Merry Christmas Piper, and all of Piper’s wonderful rescuers!!! 🙂