Time To Meet The Press, Bei Bei

Or……….maybe not. Bei Bei the Bebeh Panda (which is surprisingly hard to type) got hauled out for a Meet -N- Greet, then promptly went offline.

Thanks to Susan M. for the heads up.



  1. Oh, how adorable is he?????!!!!! Looks like a big puffy stuffed animal!

  2. grytlappar says:

    And he’s TAI SHAN’s baby brother!!

    For the longest time I thought he slept 100% of the time!! (Except fot feeding.) I could never, ever catch him awake on the pandacam. But, turns out he’s awake and active around 6–7 AM or so. He’s currently working on his motor skillz. 🙂

  3. grytlappar says:

    PS. Just checked now (OK, I was closing the pandacam window in my browser…) at 11:41, and whaddaya know: he’s sleepingks. Cam: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/WebCams/giant-panda.cfm

  4. He’s a fuzzy blorp which is a level of cute I didn’t know was even possible.

  5. That just makes my brain dribble out of my ears. Crazy cute and round and fuzzy.

  6. Perpetuate the species in zoos? Nooooooo. People should provide sanctuary where they could love without being treated as circus freaks. The zoo is a bad place for any animal. They aren’t actors, they don’t enjoy being watched and feed, living in a concrete cage with a few plants and no freedom. It is horribly sad. This beautiful bebeh deserves a better life than that.

  7. grytlappar says:

    Badá Rock: He is only on ‘loan’ from China. When he reaches a certain age (3, I think) he will go to either of Chengdu or Wolong nature preserves in China, just like his brother Tai Shan did. And Su Lin in San Diego, and the cubs in Atlanta. Etc.

  8. Apparently he tired himself out before the press arrived.

  9. “Panda Handler”….now that’s a job title I could happily live with! 😃

  10. das adorbs!!!!!! 😀

  11. Man, Tai Shan is 10 years old. I remember when he was all the rage.