“The Cute Overload Continues”

A Bebeh Sea Otter came online yesterday morning at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

The MBA Tumblr blog (where the headline and these pix originated) says ” As of this writing though, she’s still grooming her pup and enjoying the comfort of our Great Tide Pool. The Cute Overload continues.”

Their words, not ours. But we agree!

Thanks to Mika at the MBA, plus readers Heather G., Emily S., and JoAnne S.



  1. Oh my, the last pictured could melt a glacier. She seems to be admiring her bebeh. And call me bizarre, but I LOVE Mama’s crossed back feet… there’s something human, vulnerable, about it. *sneef*

  2. Not sure if it was on here I saw it recently, but I squee’d myself when I heard the mummy otters fluff up the babies so they float on the surface of the water while the mummy dives for food.

  3. The Original Jane says:


  4. Adorable, just adorable!

  5. Otters are so cute I could just…I don’t even know, that’s how adorable they are.

  6. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    I just melted in my chair….

  7. I got to see these two in person yesterday! It was amazing! Also, I share a birthday with this little sea otter pup!

  8. Seriously. Fall.Over.Dead.Cute.

  9. Otter or Ewok? Cute either way!

  10. Smilla Snow says:

    Those pictures are so cute and sweet I now have diabetes.

  11. This is just tooo much cute, can’t handle it – thud.

  12. grytlappar says:

    Vanessa: Yeah, something about them being “unsinkable”. 🙂 I know they have the densest fur of any animal: 1 million hairs/sq inch, what? Omg, look at that little bebeh…

  13. Nothing cuter than a bebeh otter – OMG.

  14. Jenny Islander says:

    I looked it up–the Great Tide Pool is open to the bay. Anything that can swim can move in and out with the tide. This sea otter mom is WILD and decided that the GTP was the perfect place to have her pup.

    Also, you know how stuffed bebeh animals usually have to be cutiefied a bit in order to be recreated as plushies? I had a bebeh otter doll when I was a kid that looked exactly like this. So round! So fuzzy! So plump!

  15. Jenny Islander says:

    Oh, and about the “unsinkable” bebeh otter: Yes, this is literally true. A bebeh sea otter is so FAT that it floats like a cork. Momma keeps it all fluffed up so it’ll stay warm, but it doesn’t learn how to dive until it’s a lot older–because it can’t!